The transport service ...

handles time-consuming and time-critical transport of deceased persons for you within Germany and abroad. We have our origins in the funeral business where we still operate today. Our main areas of activity are the organisation, coordination and arrangement of transport and collection. Major advantages for you as our client are of course the low price on the one hand and, on the other hand, the time savings.

Before arranging your transport you should invest time in a telephone call to us.

Given our attractive prices, you will no doubt ask yourselves whether it is actually worth driving yourselves, or whether you prefer to purchase this service from us and thus keep your funeral vehicle available for your own use.

Your partner for transport

  • +Collection

    • Transport from the place of death or hospital to you as funeral directors or to the mourning hall at fixed prices
    • Handling of formalities so that you can concentrate fully on looking after your clients
    • Recovery from difficult local situations
    • Provision of coffin upon collection
  • +Cremation journeys

    • Transport to the crematorium
    • Immediate cremation
    • Collection of the deceased with provision of an appropriate coffin
    • Burials at sea
    • Anonymous urn burials at favourable prices
    • Organisation and conducting of the various modern forms of burial, such as tree burial or the scattering of ashes in the Netherlands, crystal burial, river burial in Switzerland
  • +Hygienic care

    • Trained personnel in terms of hygienic care of deceased persons
    • Embalming for international transport
    • Thanotopractice work such as reconstruction following accidents is part of our specialist knowledge from which you can benefit
  • +International transport

    • Organisation / procurement of forms
    • Organisation of transport by air freight
    • Complete processing of arrangements on behalf of our clients
    • Collection from abroad to your company
    • Long-standing partner of numerous insurance companies and travel organisers
  • +Delivery of coffin

    • Delivery of coffin as per catalogue
    • Provision of the coffin for transport
    • Delivery of special coffins for international transport


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